On Mermaids
On Mermaids by Ronald L Murphy, Jr.

Do you believe? Not in aliens, Bigfoot (but he is real I swear), or other mythological beings, but Mermaids. The half girl/half fish that we are told doesn’t really exist. The ones that can be described as: Eyes were the same blue as the ocean and sparkled in the morning sun. Her hair was golden and curled delicately, stopping its luscious flow just above her waist. Watching in amazement the way the water reflected off her soft, pale skin and as she moved the way her tail fin cut through the sea just long enough so that you could see the beautiful green scales that covered it. THOSE Mermaids. Join Ronald L. Murphy as he takes you inside the world of the mermaid. Starting with the origins of this elusive mammal to the contemporary and Mythological, Religious, and Ancient ages of the Mer-People, Ronald Murphy will capture your imagination believer or no and drag you into this elusive but beautiful world.

The Pack
The Pack – Saga of the Lycans

The Pack – A Saga of the Lycans Novel Be careful what you wish for . . . Diann Winterbottom feels unfulfilled in every aspect of her life. She wants something different. When Diann meets a woman who offers to change her life, she doesn’t expect the transformation to be quite so literal. She is offered membership into an exclusive, all-female clan of werewolves, but it comes with a price. She must decide if she is willing to give up her old life and embrace the darkness. Does she have what it takes to join THE PACK?

On Wildman
On Wildman – Tracking Bigfoot Through History

The tales of a bipedal creature we commonly call bigfoot, sasquatch, or yeti today can be traced back through time and appears in documented records from ancient Mesopotamia up through the art of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. There is even evidence of such a creature in some of the earliest rock art from Australia. Join noted folklorist and cryptozoologist Ronald L. Murphy, Jr. as he recounts his own entre into the hunt for bigfoot as a youth. From there he explores the evidence provided by historical sources of this elusive creature that was known through history as The Wildman.

Haunted History, Westmoreland PA
Haunted History – Westomoreland County, PA

Ghost are bookmarks to the trials and tribulations of the past, reminding us of the heoric events and the terrible deeds that shaped our region. Come follow this tumultous timeline of history through Westmoreland County Pennsylvania as we explore the people and places behind the haunts. Stretching back to the French and Indian War, we will then ride the stage, canal, and railroad up until the current era, examining how this region of the country helped shape the creation of the United States. And we shall also meet the ghosts associated with its turbulent, and often violent, history. Grab yourself a good pair of walking shoes and step in as we begin our tour of the haunts of Westmoreland County.